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No coffee can be good in the mouth
that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostrils.

Henry Ward Beecher


Espresso Grands Crus® has selected the world’s best pure origin coffees from small plantations grands crus, organic and Fair Trade intended only to high-class restaurants. The product that emerges is selected and toasted entirely with traditional methods and in small quantities, which allows you to control and make the most of the best single origin coffees in the world.

The pod packaging system, sealed in a controlled atmosphere maintains, for two years, all the flavor and richness of the various coffee beans toasted in low heat, allowing the full and uniform cooking of the precious beans used. The natural roasting ensures the fragrance and the authenticity of the coffee.

All of the qualities produced are packed in practical and convenient pods, made with highly ecological filter paper, in a controlled atmosphere, all packaged in an elegant and practical display of 20 pods each, allowing for maximum cleaning and preservation of the coffee aroma.

Good coffee should be black like the devil,
hot like hell, and sweet like a kiss.

Principe Talleyrand


The process of toasting (or roasting) coffee is one of the most important phases of its procedure, right from the roasting it develops the aroma and flavor characteristics of the coffee andEspresso Grands Crus® performing as of the beginning of its activity the traditional roasting.

The roasting process consists in providing heat to the beans that undergo noticeable physical changes in the structure and changes in their chemical composition. Inside the grain the heat passes rapidly from one cell to another due to the presence of the water that conducts heat. The roasting process also causes an increase in volume of the grain and the inner film comes off more or less completely, the grain from green, begins to acquire a yellow-brown color that goes progressively intensified. At the same time numerous chemical reactions take place during which proteins and sugars interacts.

They will determine the development of the characteristic flavor and aroma, so it gains 25-35% in volume, while its weight decreases 18-22%. As for the caffeine, its quantity does not have a relevant change .At this point, to prevent the coffee from burning you must stop abruptly the action of heat coming from an external source, by removing the beans from the roaster and cooling them quickly with cold air flow.

The roasted beans are characterized by the roasting process that they have undergone and their so-called degree of roasting is reflected in the development of aromas, the drop in weight, changes in the chemical components and their color.

How to be prepared with art, so with art to be drunk.

Stephen Littleword